These are testimonials from patients that have had the peripheral neuropathy treatment that we offer. We have been offering this treatment for the last 10 years. These are some of your neighbors that have received treatment. These testimonials are from Tucson and the surrounding areas. The common thread in all these testimonials is that the treatment works!!

I have had neuropathy in both legs for over 10 years. I had severe numbness and pain in both my feet and legs. Because of the pain my day usually consisted of going to work and straight to a chair when I got home. I would stay there for the rest of the evening. Since being treated by Dr T I have reduced my pain medications and would say that I am already 60% better, and I have only had 10 visits. Thank you Dr T. "His one on one has been a huge part of my recovery."
John A (Tucson)

I came to see Dr T because I had extreme pain, tingling, burning and numbness in the feet, legs all the way to my hip. I could not do simple chores anymore do to the discomfort. The pain was almost completely gone after just 3 treatments. The treatments also have helped my flexibility. Dr T has really helped me with my balance, he has an entire room where we work on balance. "He is an outstanding doctor, he really listens to what you have to say and how the treatment is going. He is a very caring doctor."
Georgia T (Tucson)

My feet were burning so bad when I put on shoes that I needed something done. My sister was seeing Dr T and having great results so I decided to go to him also. The pain in my feet was so bad that I did not even want to wear shoes. I have no burning in my feet any more thanks to Dr T. I wear shoes all the time and walk much better since getting treatments with Dr T. He is a very honest person and is very concerned about helping people feel better.
Esmeralda F (Tucson)

When I came to see Dr T my feet were burning so much that I just wanted them cut off. I also had a lot of pain in the hands. the pain was so bad that I had to quit my job. I am much better now, I can sleep thru the entire night and walk much better. I am very happy with the treatment by Dr T. He is always asking about how I am doing and concerned about how I am progressing. Thank you Dr T
Yolanda R (Tucson)

I just got back from a trip to see family in New York. That would have been impossible before seeing Dr T. Before I saw him I had trouble walking and was up all night due to the pain. I would say I am at least 80% better. The thing that I really like about Dr T is that he is very honest about what he can do and what he can not do. Anyone that has neuropathy should go see him. If he can help you he will tell you if he can not he will tell you that also.
Ed G (Tucson)

I had Horrible pain in my feet. They had shooting pain and were throbbing al the time. I was not able to even wear shoes. I used to enjoy walking and hiking but it had become so painful that I had stopped those activities. I was very reluctant to do any activities that involved walking. I just got two baby boxers and am now able to take them for a walk, or maybe they take me for a walk, but anyway I am out there with them. That would have been unthinkable before getting the treatments from Dr T. I would recommend him to anyone suffering with leg or foot pain. He really can help you get your life back.
Tracy F. (Tucson)

I came to see Dr T to try to get some relief from the neuropathy that I have suffered from for the last 4 years. I had hot, prickly stabbing needle like pain in the soles of my feet. Since I also had numbness in my toes I was unable to move the toes very well. After my first visit with Dr T I was able to move my toes and actually see between my toes. I suggest that anyone that has neuropathy go and see Dr T he is a "gift to us that suffer from neuropathy".
Gerri O (Tucson)

I had numbness in my feet and poor circulation. Sometimes I would have a prickling in the feet that would drive me crazy. One of the big things that I was loosing was the ability to drive. I have shown a signficant improvement in the sensitivity in my feet. The thing that I really like about Dr T is he realy knows what he is talking about ad is very good at explaining it so I understand it. I learned more in one visit about my neuropathy than I ever did with my MD. Thanks Dr T
Carmen H (Oro Valley)

I was recommended to go see Dr T by a friend who saw him interviewed on TV. I had walking issues, balance problems, tingling, fear of falling, limited movements. After just 10 treatemtents I am at least 50% better. I am very happy with my progress and can actually see myself returning to a normal life. Thanks you Dr T for all your help and hope.
Georgia R (Tucson)

I drive 97 miles to see Dr T. He is the only one that has ever given me any results. The results make the drive worth every mile. Almost all my activities had stopped due to the electric shock and burning pain that I had in my feet and legs. I am able to return to most of my activities. I just returned from a 3000 driving trip that would have been impossible before seeing Dr T. He has given me my life back! I think everyone that suffers with neuropathy should go see Dr T>
Jewel R (Sierra Vista)

When I came to see Dr T I had diabetic neuropathy. I was hoping for some increase in mobility and more stability. I have been to many doctors over the last few years and have been told that I would have to live with the limitations. When I walked up stairs I had to support myself with the railing. I had difficulty turning over in bed. I could only walk short distances and then had to sit down. I also had lots of balance issues. After 7 visits I am able to walk up the stairs without assistance, my legs feel lighter. It is much easier to turn over in bed. My yoga teacher noticed that I am able to do the routines without supporting myself. I would say that I am at least 35% better in 7 visits. I just wish I had found Dr T sooner. If you have any of the issues that I did, I would highly recommend going and seeing Dr T, he gets results where others don't
- Shirley D. (Tucson)

I told my MD that I wanted him to cut off my toes due to the pain. He put me on lots of drugs to help with the symptoms but they just made me feel weird and I wanted to get off the drugs. I came to Dr T because I heard he really helps people. by my 6th visit I was able to reduce my pain medication and not have any increase in my pain. I am very happy so far.
Lovetta P (Tucson)

After just one treatment the pain in my left leg and foot is gone. The pain in the right leg and foot is 75% better. I have tried everthing to get this pain in my legs and feet to go away but nothing has worked. I tell all my diabetic friends to go and see Dr T, He does not just talk a good game he really fixes you. As he always says, "I TREAT THE NERVES, NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT."
- Norma J (Catalina)

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